Cathy Duffy, a leading authority on homeschooling courses, highly recommends The Learnables® foreign language courses.

Cathy Duffy says:

The Learnables® approach to foreign language works well for homeschooling families for at least four reasons:

  • flexibility for different age learners from elementary grades through high school (and even adults!)
  • does not require the parent to know or teach the language
  • multisensory format works for many different learning styles
  • inductive, experiential methodology is a more natural learning method than traditional approaches to foreign language acquisition

Lessons are presented either in books along with audio CDs or on CD-ROMs. This approach builds vocabulary and teaches sentence structure from extensive listening. The methodology aims to develop understanding and comprehension first, then follow with reading, speaking, and writing skills in that order…. The Learnables® emphasis is on vocabulary and understanding and, most importantly, learning to think in the foreign language.

This approach is more enjoyable than typical programs of either the textbook variety or the audio CDs that have you simply repeat the foreign language phrases after the speaker. The learner must think about what is happening in the pictures to understand the meaning. The illustrations used in The Learnables® also add visual memory association to the words students hear, increasing vocabulary retention.réplique Heuer

The computer versions work just like the book and CD versions, but they also feature some games, photographs, and movies that enhance the learning process.

The Learnables® are continuing to update their courses by adding games, movies and advanced books and digital versions. Christians might want to use the supplemental Bible Stories in Spanish, French, or German (includes a book and CD for $25 each) after completion of Level 2. These incorporate all major biblical terms.

More Reviews from individuals and schools

October 2016

“We have been using The Learnables to study Spanish for over a year now and we thoroughly enjoy the program.  Both parent and child like the animated visual display and the accompanying audio very much.  Our comprehension has grown exponentially.  After  viewing examples of the Rosetta Stone program, we decided to stay with The Learnables program because we prefer the entertaining and engaging animated video and audio sound effects.  The Learnables Level 2 has additional resources that accompany the program (Grammar Enhancement, etc.) and I highly recommend them.”
– R. Walker, Co-op Member
meilleure réplique de rolex

September 2015

I wanted to send a shout out for a language program that we’re using that’s absolutely fantastic. I have recommended this program to many others–homeschoolers and regular bricks and mortar kids.

As someone who took languages in college(German and Arabic), took languages through the DoD State Department programs (Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese), and used other programs including Rosetta Stone (Arabic and German) and Mango Languages (German, Spanish) I have a bit of experience in this area. I was also able to observe what passed for language instruction at the elementary level in several private schools.rolex réplique

The Learnables is by far the best language program I’ve ever encountered. It’s not flashy, its expensive and some of the stories are very old school. However, the process is fantastic and my child likes it.

If you’re interested in a very effective (but with the caveats listed above)language program for yourself and/or your kids, check this out. I highly encourage you to use them!

K. Cunningham

March 7, 2011

I have used your materials for the last 13 years in my homeschool. My eldest daughter completed your Spanish program through the 3rd year and is now a university Freshman. My younger daughter is now using the program, but we need a new Basic Structures-Book 2 in Spanish.  Thank you for a wonderful language program. I always recommend your materials to other home educators.réplique jour rolex


J. Kennedy

December 2009

In high school, I had the privilege of learning French with The Learnables. As a college student now pursuing a French minor, I feel that The Learnables curriculum provided me with a very solid foundation for my French college classes. I am amazed at how easy and fun it was to absorb the French language in a painless way of The Learnables. I highly recommend this curriculum for any student in foreign language studies.

Merci beaucoup,

E. Renollet

May 2015

First, thank you so much for your amazing programs. We purchased the Spanish Level 1 Learnables and Basic Structure materials back in 1999 for my homeschooled children. I’d taken about 5 years of Spanish during my schooling, but realized your program was helping me to become much more fluent in it, to actually think more in the language. So my kids are grown, and I decided to go through the program again and work my way through all your levels.

S. Powell

February 2000

Two weeks ago I visited Kingsford (Michigan) High School to observe a student teacher in their (sic) Spanish classroom.  The oral and comprehension capabilities of the students were phenomenal.  I have never visited a high school classroom in which the students had made so much progress.  Frankly, their oral and comprehension skills surpass those of most college students after similar periods of study.  The teacher attributed much of the success to your books cited above (The Learnables).”
TGC Assistant professor of Spanish, Northern Michigan University

 The Learnables is an excellent program for learning a foreign language. The materials for the program (books and audio cds) seem simplistic in this high tech world, but the program is highly effective. This program emphasizes listening, understanding, thinking and writing in the foreign language. 

I have used other Spanish programs before trying The Learnables four years ago. With the other programs the acquisition of the language did not seem natural and there was always the constant need to translate the language to English to understand it. With The Learnables, you are not trying to translate the language to English, but you are actually understanding it in that languages and thinking in that language. My son and I are now on level 5 of the program!

The Learnables is an extremely effective language program and I highly recommend it!

Jackie F. Co-op Member Homeschool Buyers

Thank you so much for replacing the first CD for French Level 1. It is working great! The service has been above and beyond my expectations. I really appreciate all of the help and my daughters are excited to begin their class!


S. Hanks

Love this! My kids just watch and listen then after 3-5 times of watching they take an exercise. If they pass they keep going. Very easy to use and fun learning a language without really doing much effort. Definitely will continue to use this from now on.

Laurie A, Co-op Member Homeschool Buyers