Hebrew Level 1

The Learnables® on Computer CD-ROM

Learnables on Computer - HebrewThe Learnables® CD-ROM is the first course of a comprehensive system of language instruction. There are 10 lessons in level 1 and each lesson is approximately 20 minutes long. This CD-ROM begins with single words depicted with an illustration. Within the first lesson single words will become simple sentences. Every word or sentence will have an illustration so the student will understand the concept while listening to a native speaker. There are over 1,000 colorful illustrations with the addition of games and still photos to enhance the students ability to learn. Also, each lesson has a multiple choice quiz to ensure the comprehension of each lesson. This beginning level will introduce basic vocabulary such as household objects, food, clothing, family, basic prepositions, pronouns and present tense verbs.

To use The Learnables® on Computer, your computer must use the Windows or Mac operating systems.

Basic Structures, Book 1 and 4 audio CDs

Basic Structures front coverBasic Structures is the reader designed to follow The Learnables®. New stories teach important new vocabulary. Each lesson contains a large number of exercises which can be used in class or as homework assignments. Four audio CDs come with Basic Structures and are used to teach reading.

Fast Response CD-ROM

Fast Response is a game that teaches you to respond quickly to Hebrew words and sentences. You can play this game over and over and each time you will improve your ability to understand spoken Hebrew. It’s both fun and educational. Here is a demo of the Fast Response game for Hebrew level 1. The demo will open in a new window or tab in your web browser.

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