Chinese Level 1


Two levels of Chinese (Mandarin) are now available. These excellent programs are being well received by students of The Learnables®.

Learnables on Computer - ChineseThis new interactive and affordable CD-ROM has the same superb sequencing and content as the original book format of The Learnables® Level 1.  This enhanced version has updated color illustrations, motivating games, simple movies and more tests. The CD-ROM contains 10 lessons with over 1,000 illustrations and includes basic terminology of clothing, eating, family, transportation, prepositions, pronouns and action verbs are presented. To use The Learnables® on Computer, your computer must use the Windows or Mac operating systems.

The Learnables® on CD-ROM (Windows) — $70.00
The Learnables® on CD-ROM (Mac) — $70.00

Purchase Level 1 and Level 2 Chinese together and save $24.00! Please specify Windows or Macintosh.

The Learnables®  Level 1 and 2 together
For Windows — $180.00
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The Learnables® Level 1 and 2 together
For Mac OS — $180.00
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