Basic Structures

After completing The Learnables®, the next book in the curriculum is Basic Structures. Basic Structures, is a reader and workbook for The Learnables®. The primary emphasis of Basic Structures is on reading and continuation of the foreign language instruction. An important feature of Basic Structures is that students will see for the first time the written text (foreign language) below each illustration and will learn to read the newly acquired foreign language as presented in The Learnables®.

In each lesson the student listens to the audio recordings while silently reading the text that is presented under each picture. After each lesson the student is given a series of exercises/tests and will write the answers in the book. All answers are provided in the back of the book.

Once students complete The Learnables®  and Basic Structures, they have finished the first level of the curriculum. They are now ready to begin level 2 of The Learnables® series.

Please click on a book cover to view  a sample of the Basic Structures Level 1

Basic Structures front coverBasic Structures front coverBasic Structures front cover