English Spontaneous Descriptions CD (Windows)

English Spontaneous Descriptions CD (Windows)
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    Spontaneous Descriptions: Learners will immerse themselves in the spontaneous language of everyday talk. Standard-speaking American English adults describe the events of thirty-two large formatted illustrations. Each picture was described by two different speakers. The speakers’ descriptions were recorded and written transcripts were prepared. These unrehearsed picture descriptions reflect speech that is typical of the spontaneous utterenaces of speakers of English for a large number of different circumstances. Students enjoy hearing the personal comments of the many speakers as they describe intriguing situations of everyday life.

    Spontaneous Descriptions are on a CD-ROM that contains the pictures in a colorful format, the audio descriptions of the speakers, and a running text that can be easily projected to an entire class. The transcripts and the pictures are included in this manual. Additionally, questions for the instructor to evoke conversation from the students about the speakers’ comments of each of the 32 pictures are included.