Spanish Basic Structures Book 4 & 10 audio CDs

Spanish Basic Structures Book 4 & 10 audio CDs
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    After you complete Spanish Basic Structures 4, you will have met the requirements for four years of high school Spanish and much more. The total number of different words that you will have learned in all four year-levels of Spanish is 3,468. You will have heard 125,783 total instances of Spanish words in meaningful situations. Basic Structures, Book 4 emphasizes the following areas: telling time, geometric figures, days, weeks and seasons, everyday important words, additional prepositions, the how and when question words, relative clauses, passive voice, conditionals, and over eleven hundred new words all said in context. Spanish Basic Structures 4 is a thick book of 467 pages containing thousands of super-drawn illustrations and 10 clearly-spoken compact discs. Eight individuals of both genders from four different Latin American countries are the speakers.