Samples – Level 1

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Here are some example screens from The Learnables® level 1, including vocabulary and exercises to test the learner’s comprehension:

car image Lesson 1 Spanish
Lesson 1 French
Lesson 1 German
Lesson 1 Russian
Lesson 1 Chinese
Lesson 1 Hebrew
policeman and boy image Lesson 6 Spanish
Lesson 6 French
Lesson 6 German
Lesson 6 Chinese
baby image Lesson 7 Russian
Lesson 7 Hebrew
slideshow image Lesson 8 Spanish
Lesson 8 French
Lesson 8 German
Lesson 8 Chinese
woman with bowl and apple Lesson 9 Spanish
Lesson 9 French
Lesson 9 German
Lesson 9 Chinese
airline passengers image Lesson 10 Russian
Lesson 10 Hebrew

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Please click the links below to see sample movies from the new 5-disc DVD sets available for the All Computer versions of Spanish, French, and Chinese:

French 5-Disc set Spanish 5-Disc set Chinese 5-Disc set

For those using the book formats, after completing The Learnables® Level 1, students go to Basic Structures Book 1.