Gombinski Colors and Bible Stories

Can’t Decide Which Language to Begin Your Foreign Language Study?

Gombinski's Colors book coverYou may be unsure as to which language you or your child wish to learn. Gombinski’s Colors may be able to help you. This book, suitable for young children and adults, contains 42 pages of colorful illustrations and  basic vocabulary in Spanish, French and German. After hearing the three languages, your choice of foreign language study will be greatly enhanced.

Book and audio CD — $14.95 

 Bible Stories in Spanish, French and German

Imagine your feeling of success when you can listen to and read stories from The Bible. Each sentence is gloriously illustrated, reflecting the rich heritage of The Bible. Each word is clearly said by a native speaker. After completing this book, you will understand biblical terms, such as creation, commandment, miracle, and resurrection.

Bible Stories in Spanish, French, and German

Spanish Book and audio CD — $25.00  
French Book and audio CD — $25.00 
German Book and audio CD — $25.00 

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