German Level 3

Step 1: The Learnables® Book 3 and 3 audio CDs

Learnables Book 3The Learnables® Book 3 presents sentences of greater complexity, and increased use of grammatical items, including verb tenses. The stories are interesting and provide important everyday vocabulary. Book 3 includes more than 1,000 illustrations.

Book 3 and 3 audio CDs — $75.00

Step 2: Basic Structures Book 3 and 5 Audio CDs

Basic Structures Book 3Basic Structures Book 3 provides increased understanding of many phases of everyday life, such as going to a doctor’s office, buying clothes, cooking food, purchasing items in a store, getting dressed, grooming, and occupational terms. At the completion of this book you will have the ability to read and to understand German without translation.

Book 3 and 5 audio CDs — $75.00

BEST OFFER! Special Combination Offer for Year-Level 3:

The Learnables® Book 3, Basic Structures Book 3, and 8 audio CDs — $140.00

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