German Level 2

The curriculum for Level 2 contains three different books. It is recommended to follow the sequence/order of the books listed below to achieve the best instruction possible. A Special Combination offer is located at the bottom of the page.

Step 1: Grammar Enhancement Book and 4 Audio Compact Discs

Grammar Enhancement Book 1Grammar Enhancement is the first book in Level 2. This is an excellent book that bridges the vocabulary and grammatical concepts of The Learnables level 1 to more complex vocabulary and grammatical structures that are used in level 2. Grammar Enhancement is divided into four sections and emphasizes the following grammatical structures: basic prepositions, plurals, pronouns and present and past tense verbs. Each section uses hundreds of pictures with the written text in German to teach the meaning and concepts of these grammatical structures. Students do not need to memorize tedious grammar rules while using this book instead many examples are given in each section as how the grammar is used naturally conversation. The pictures, stories and the German text help you to acquire new grammar concepts without frustration or confusion.

Grammar Enhancement Book and 4 audio CDs $75.00

Step 2: The Learnables® Book 2 and 4 Audio Compact Discs

Learnables Book 2The Learnables® Book 2 is a continuation from level 1 and the next set of 10 new lessons, beginning with Lesson 11. This book contains over 1,200 sentences, each correlated with a picture. Interesting stories teach everyday vocabulary and expand on the vocabulary and grammatical concepts in level 1. In Level 2 the student will learn about the possessive, infinitve and simple past tense and the past progressive format along with new vocabulary items.

Book 2 and 4 audio CDs — $70.00

Step 3: Basic Structures Book 2 and 7 Audio Compact Discs

Basic Structures Book 2Enjoyable stories and exercises increase one’s ability to read, listen, and understand German. The hundreds of pictures convey the meaning of each sentence and the audio recordings indicate the correct pronunciation. This large book is almost 400 pages of illustrations and text.

Book 2 and 7 audio CDs — $80.00

Best Offer! Special Combination Offers for Year-Level 2:

Grammar Enhancement,The Learnables® Book 2,
Basic Structures Book 2,
and 15 audio CDs — $199.00

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