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okay hi guys and welcome to the show today I'm doing something a little bit different I just thought I'd share with you some absolute bargains I picked up on eBay first of all I've got to do the wristwatch check I am of course I'm wearing the sake of skx 0:09 this is a version I'm currently waiting for the the J version as well because I'm going to do a comparison and I am wearing it on a navy strap similar to similar to Robert Redford in the film all is lost so in homage to him I'm wearing it on a oh this is from wristwatch candy club as well I must I must say as well let's commence with the show okay welcome back guys now the first item I picked up is what I'm actually

wearing this is a wool stone island jumper as you guys know stone Island is extremely expensive but the quality the cut the the fit is just second to none and I met I finally found a retailer on eBay from Italy that I I started buying pieces from and rolex replica they're quick they're reliable all their pieces are they've got new stuff in and stuff from last season as well and the best thing is is that prices are really competitive much cheaper than if you'll go to you know let's say brick-and-mortar store having said that stone I'll just open it I think the first store here in New York I might be wrong about that but it's very exciting anyway I ordered this particular piece I wanted something with a color perfect for fall and of course it is beautiful quality comes in a bag or tagged up or sealed and of course brand new and if you're wondering about its authenticity I'm a bit of a stone island connoisseur now so there are various ways of telling but with all the new

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pieces if I can find it here we go with the new pieces you actually get a little cold now you enter this cold in and to a website I'll show you a screenshot I'll bring the screenshot up onto the screen now you can actually verify this with stone island and you enter into the code and it will and it will give you verification it will tell you if it's actually genuine or not which is really really cool it's a very very 21st century way of doing it but there are the tell-tale signs you know the quality of the zip the actual quality of the piece itself the stitching on the badge the buttons the the labels they all it all has to be exactly right it's a bit like a Rolex watch you know if all these little bitter Rep then together they they indicate if it's genuine honor so you know I'm really really pleased with this retailer because I finally can get some affordable Stalin

island pieces without having to I mean they are expensive but without having to pay retail and I just adore Astana and I love the cut and the designs and I think they're very tastefully done the quality is second to none and it really is the premium the top casual sports luxury brand that just isn't anything comes close now to complement this I've actually purchased this jacket last year you would have seen that purchase the stolen and the Massimo bra Martha jacket now that jacket is an $800 jacket but I understand that you want to get something that is a little bit more affordable you know not everybody has $100 to spend and this is a really cool option I'm not sure if you can see this but this is actually it's actually

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a really subtle camouflage jacket it's called the multicam black camouflage jacket this is actually Russian military you can get it in several different styles of camouflage this is the darker I root this cool the multicam and as you can see I'll just back up it's a it's a quite tight fit this is the brand it's a Russian Russian military SWAT team there's the brand and it's made out of ripstop which is wind resistant and waterproof to a certain extent Flint Waterford but there's only so many bucks and it comes with some really nifty little features there is side pockets here on the arm side pockets they're two more pockets for your for your for your hands there and then on the back this is where the military stuff comes in there's a zip here so you have access to a concealed weapon and same on this side if you're if you carry your your your weapon on this side so this lips up you can quickly access quickly access your hosted weapon if you carry on the back the quality is very good it was consuming I had to order this from Asia it is an Diana cup the website it is Asian size so the medium is more like a small if you're a larger track I would go for the larger or extra-large velcro on the the cuffs which is really nice and if you like me if you like to have the watch out you can just put the watch out like that and then do the velcro up and then you you've got your

watch on the outside the bag looks like this it comes in this Russian military this is the logo comes in a bag like this what is what is great about military-grade clothing is that usually it's done in vast amounts the quality has to be of a certain standard obviously because you want something that's rugged reliable fits very well I absolutely adore this and let me just show you some really cool features on the back just take stuff it hoods its off which is really really cool it just zips up like that take the hood off and then on the back you'll see on the back here there are these three three buttons here you unzip this section at the back here unzip this section of that and then you fold out this section here and this is this just this just clips on here like that and then you have a reflective panel which is very useful if you're walking on a busy road so I'll just put it on again so as you see now I have the hood off is it entirely different look and then I have panel on the back the reflective panel is now deployed so if you're walking on a busy road the cars will see you and it's just a really neat little feature and of course fits very very well this is this is the medium which is more like a small office smaller very neat really wind resistant and I think a bargain I think it's $64 99 100 really sorry $67 99 and these are available from Hong Kong they are

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IWC Engineer copy automatic watches "Rudolf Caracciola" are designed to pay tribute to a great racer Rudolf Caracciola who won three times in the thirties the triple winner of the European Grand Prix. The total amount of the special edition is 750 pieces. The noble and decent appearances are very attractive and attractive. The polished steel cabinets, the rhodium colored hands and the slate-colored dials are all filled with technological sense and elegant elements.

Russian military grade SWAT team jackets and the hood here just folds up you can fog this up very neatly and I tend to keep I'm going to keep the hood one of the pockets great for traveling because you have tons of space tons of little compartments for putting your passport when your travel gear and etc so that's and what is really cool you and it's all signed in Russian so there you go isn't that cool or what now the last little absolute bargain I picked up was just take yourself this is a hundred percent cashmere 100% cashmere jumper and recently I've been going for these kind of zip tops as you can see they're just really comfortable especially when you only want to keep your neck warm and then if you're indoors just undo it

like that so it's this brand here I'm not sure if you can see there never heard of it I bought it for you won't believe this $30 on eBay I put a bit in I forgot about it a couple of days later I won the auction nobody bit a bit getting to me it's this Allen sure I'm not never ever heard of it never heard of anyway it is 100% cashmere it is ah the softest thing you know normally in Kashmir as you know goes for one hundred two hundred dollars so real real bargain anyway I'm gonna put it on let's see what it looks like really really nice and soft oh my god it's not having a holiday so son I never want to take this up this is absolutely so nice the fit is really nice I like it a little bit a little bit I don't like it too tight I think it's just more comfortable or a little bit loose but this is I think this is a medium again I usually go from small but with

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with Kashmir you want it a little bit more you know some really soft the only downside with Kashmir obviously you want to try and keep it away from the moths the moths will eat this up so you want to keep it in a sealed bag and I'm actually going to use the bag this bag that came with my Russian military SWAT team jacket but yeah what do you think guys absolutely Fanta 30 bucks 30 bucks the best 30 bucks I've ever spent as I said you know you normally see this you'd be lucky to find it under 100 let alone under $50 I was willing to bid up to $100 for this so absolutely fantastic I like the conservative color as well just goes really well with the jacket and you know you can layer up it's just fantastic okay guys thank you very much for watching I'll leave a link to the cellar of the russian swat team jacket in the description as well as the stone island seller on eBay that I highly recommend totally trustworthy and a great source for for saving a little bit money because I do understand stone Island is very expensive but it's the best so you know goes without saying okay guys so I'm going to leave it there thank you very very much for watching please remember to like this video if you enjoyed it in front it useful and I'll definitely catch you in the next one okay guys ciao