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her ology the final frontier these are the voyages of the urban Gentry it's continuing mission to explore strange new lodges to seek out cool vintage pieces with pure class to boldly go where no watch-chain has gone before [Music] okay hi guys and welcome to the show today a very quick video I know I tend to say that and then I ramble on rabbit on for like half an hour but I will try and make this short and sweet and this is actually I think the third time I'm trying to make this video unfortunately there is something wrong with the audio interface of my camera because

I have two cameras the camera at Gentry HQ and I can't for the life of me figure out what it exactly is wrong with it there seems to be this white noise interference I've tested the interface on this and the microphones work and they work perfectly so it's something to do with the camera so unfortunately I'm stuck at home and it looks like I'm gonna be at home for a little while it's a shame because I like to alternate have a change of scenery especially when it's a beautiful day with the Manhattan skyline in the background but anyway will will have to make do with the war good old Wharram for the moment now of course before I get into this I'll do quick wristwatch check I'm wearing one of my wife's pieces today this is a jellyfish from swatch from 1998 very fun very affordable really enjoying this piece I love the loud tick I know it's a it's a bit of an annoyance for some but I can't enjoy it and the the great thing is that unfortunately

The new generation electromechanical movement Caliber TAG Heuer is highly prized patented S, the new TAG Heuer SLR Caliber S Laptimer Chronograph features an exclusive revolutionary technology, which is inspired by race cars of engines and which offers a chronograph ultra-refined armband made to to meet the needs and expectations of fans around the world enthusiastically. The complex movement can follow intervals very little time, by its retrograde functions of 1/10 and 1/100 of a second, and also the watch has an indicator of the best round that can be followed up to 20 laps.

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with the plastics of the of the acting era of swatch the translucent as the name suggests jellyfish right the translucent it tends to discolor this one is in very good Nick indeed so something fun and and and reminds me of childhood so it's priceless so what are we discussing today well I thought I would make this video this and this video has been long overdue for like two years and there's a good reason for that because I'm talking about the seven best places to buy your watches online everything from luxury entry-level and vintage and the reason why it's taken so long is because these are places that I personally use myself and in doing so and I recommend the place of business it's got to be the best okay number seven first of all it's watch buys and they are based in North replica watches Carolina they predominantly are a specialist of German brands and they are an authorized dealer for Zin namaste Han heart young hands to name a few but they also represent Fortis so I think that I think that's the only Swiss brand that they are actually authorized dealers for but yet predominantly German I bought mais in 104 that the first one not the rebuy because I sold it as you guys know I sold it massive regret and guys if you want a Zen authorised dealer in the UK for Europe check out Paige and Cooper watch wise is for I think North America but double check but anyway yeah I highly recommend them extremely professional and reputable number six an old

favorite it is of course saltzman's of rhode island and i've been a faithful customer of them for well donkey's years it seems like now but yet a couple of over the last couple of years i also have had three or four watches I'm pretty sure three watches serviced by them all ETA thankfully so there it wasn't too expensive but that raises a really good point that they are an excellent service center they are authorized dealer for Breitling Horus Roman vial Victorinox and the vardø Luminox they are not to mention g-shock they have a fully staffed team of very professional watchmakers I can personally attest to the the quality of their work I've hired them to do all kinds of stuff they do servicing on mechanical quartz crystal replacement straps batteries resealing pressure testing polishing restoration they also handle walk-in repairs because this is a brick-and-mortar store and I urge you to pay them a visit if you are in Rhode Island what else what else what else they also have parts accounts with many mainstream brands such as Omega Omega sorry and if you watched my video special on chronographs they actually I discussed that's a good video I think that really illustrates their expertise so have a look that I'll leave a link to that below and not to mention they are an authorized dealer for Wolff that's where I bought my little winder hear her straps who else had Lee your armor that kind of thing and I think it's important to highlight that they are a family-owned business for three generations since 1940 I believe and that is a very important point because when you are a family reputable you know establishment like this you have a reputation

In addition, the British Chaumet watches are equipped with a self-winding movement from the manufacturer using the best technology, which guarantees a high degree of precision and stability. Moreover, the simple and elegant design of the dial and the beautiful color make the replicas of the top brands very charming, and they are very valuable.

Glash¨ątte Original? Senator? Replica watch with stainless steel case? With a lacquered silver-grain¨¦? Dial and laser engraved Roman numerals hour markers. The date window is at the position between 4 and 5 o'clock, along the ivory dial, both of which are protected by the sapphire glass. Glash¨ątte Original? Always attaches importance to every detail. So the end of the second hand is designed with the iconic logo of the watch brand, making the model more recognizable and distinctive.

you know and it's not just some faceless nameless person who sets up a website you know anybody can do that because there's a lot of cowboys in this industry so I think it's it's a very fundamental point to mention here number five my good friend Kenny Davis of triads vintage watches do not let the name scare you just unfortunately triads yeah different connotation different connotation no but trust me seriously Kenny Davis is a seasoned vintage watch specialist he predominantly sells on ebay but he does have an Instagram I'll leave links below I've bought three amigas over the last couple years from him what I respect about him is that well first of all he has a great eye he really is experienced he knows what he's talking about he doesn't price gouge he looks after his clientele vintage watch buying is probably the most risky of all I personally can't even recommend anybody in the tri-state area because it's just there's so many sharks and Cowboys Kenny's been an absolute savior for me what I like is that he only does very minor cosmetic cleaning there's no restored dials there's no Frank and watches here they're always original he's

very meticulous he lists everything about the watch I'll tell you a good example of the level of professionalism that Kenny lives up to when I bought I think was the second Amiga I bought from him it arrived I was too excited when I did the unboxing I didn't feel me unboxing I should have filmed it because it would have been horrific but I in my excitement I dropped the watch it smashed on the floor the crystal went flying off the hands went somewhere else I managed to find that the pieces I contacted him I was absolutely mortified terribly upset and he said now don't worry about it send it back up I'll have my guy reassemble it to the best of my abilities and he looked after me he didn't have to do that you know and guys I must state that at the time I had a knee he baked and it wasn't the urban gentry eBay or anything like

that I have since changed the name I could have been anybody and that just goes to show you exactly the level of care just to run through some of the brands he carries he specializes in a meager long gene Nevada Rolex Hoyer he also does sub brands like Tudor witnaur Tissot etc his price ranges from about 500 to 5,000 sends me emails monthly saying how I've got this and you know because you can task him to find the particular watch if you're looking for something very specifically I have to ignore his emails because oh my god it's not good for my wallet number four it is of course Long Island watch I cannot do this video without talking about my good friend mark he has since become a good friend of mine but you can ask him I am still a paying customer I do not receive any special treatment although he does lend in

The entire blue dials are applied with white, luminescent designs. There are luminescent indexes as hour markers. The central black hours and minute hands all have a luminescent layer. Then a date indication is set at 3 o'clock. There are brilliant cut diamonds on the ribbed edge. The solid cases also have excellent water resistance up to 3000 meters deep. What's more, their precise functions are supported by Cal. B17, self-winding mechanical movements with 25 jewels. The power reserve is more than 40 hours.

watches for me to review very kindly mark is one of the most stand-up guys I know in this industry he's also one of the nicest people you can ever meet now mark is mostly on the entry level so I'll give you a run through some of the brands that he covers Eris stole Casio citizen Collins Hemel Zeppelin yonkers lakal marathon Messerschmitt orange or in star Pulsar seagull Seiko squall a Timex undone and Vostok Europe I mean the Explorer Replica list I mean it goes on and on and on now I have to address something when I did my 10 watches to avoid videos I mentioned that some unscrupulous gray market absolute Cowboys to avoid in the New York area a lot of people for some reason thought I was talking about mark mark is not gray market mark is an authorized dealer there's a big distinction between between the two so I can't recommend mark enough you know I mean he's the epitome of professionalism and I only wish that those unscrupulous Cowboys that I was alluding to I'm not gonna name in shame being negative is not my style but I only wish they were as good as marks so if you want to know if the rise dealer for any of those brands and more check out Long Island watch and he also ships worldwide very good point I'm not sure if Kenny or the other previous people I mentioned ship worldwide I think Kenny is gonna try so emailing is worth the try it's worth the try number three Moya fine jewelers of I believe it they are in Carmel that's right Carmel Indiana shout-out to my good friend Salvador if you're watching he actually lives he's a he's a longtime commentator and Gentry member and fan of the channel he actually lives near the store and he can personally attest to their professionalism they are an authorized dealer for Alpena Bell and Ross

brightening citizen dealer who blow grants Seiko IWC long jeans Amiga Tag Heuer the list goes on and on and on I have many family and friends that have bought off them Giancarlo as well so they can all personally attest to their professionalism and also a good alternative to the gray market is they do pre-owned luxury watches have a look they always have fantastic deals and now they have started lending watches in so if there are any of the brand's I've mentioned there you want to see reviewed do nominate in the comments below I can't recommend them enough they are this is a brick-and-mortar store goes without saying number two we cannot make this video without talking about my good friend John

keel at watch gage I am a customer I bought my my nth nakon from John John is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet a true gentleman we've become very good friends he actually comes from the high end of the watch industry he started watch gage out of his love and passion for micro brands so what he does he I'm gonna be very crude and honest now so I do apologize but we all know there's a lot of rubbish out there in the micro brand world he sifts through all of this and he finds the gems in in the diamonds in the dirt so to speak it's an online store so it's all the best of the micro brand industry and he is a seasoned veteran if you are if you work in the industry especially in the United says you will know who John keel is he has that much of a reputation I've interviewed him I'll leave a link to the video where he came in and showcased a whole bunch of and that's when I fell in love with the n-th when I first saw it I just had to get it so he will showcase or he'll bring new brands in every month it's fantastic I love microwaves because they're a little bit more personal a little bit different distinctive not your mainstream you know not

your typical watch brands you can find some really cool fake rolex kind of quirky and it's nice to have something in the collection not everybody has that is that is a little bit unique and number one okay last but by no means least it has to be timeless luxury watches they are based in where are they based Frisco Texas that's it I'm almost totally forgot shout out to my good friend Stephen and Dan they are probably one of the best if not the best luxury specialists in the United States they authorized dealers for Tudor meaning a grand Seco IWC normal Zenith Bremond Oris Lewis Monet Montegrappa g-shot Mont Blanc Tag Heuer and probably most impressively of all a Langer and Zahn among others and I think actually this highlights a very good point guys that to get the accounts from these extremely high-end brands you have to

have a very trusted established reputation you can't be anybody they are a brick-and-mortar store they're extremely highly regarded and trusted I can personally attest I bought from them Giancarlo's bought off them many of the gentry have so yeah that their reputation is there now timeless luxury also have used watches so a great alternative to the the gray market I know I've been very critical but it's guys it's for good reason I want you guys to get the best servus you can because at the end of the day guys we're all hard-working people we save up we don't want to get ripped off you know we don't want to have our hard-earned saved money you know we don't want the risk with sellers and dealers and places of business like this it takes all of that risk out of the equation you know your your money is in safe hands these are all people that I personally use and can recommend because guys at the end of the day I don't get anything by recommending these people but what I do get is the assurance and knowing that you are in safe hands that's what matters to me okay guys I'm gonna leave it there please don't forget to like this video if you enjoyed it and found it useful and as always guys I will catch you in the next one okay ciao