The Learnables®

To begin your foreign language study, the curriculum is divided into two different programs. The first program is The Learnables®. There are 10 lessons in The Learnables® and it usually takes a semester to complete. Each lesson is 20 minutes in length and it is recommened to take each lesson at least 3-5 times before beginning a new lesson.

The main goal of The Learnables® instruction is to enable students to develop a keen awareness for comprehension and understanding of a new language before learning to read or write. The first 10 lessons of The Learnables® course mainly teaches listening and understanding of the foreign language. By concentrating on the illustrations and simultaneously hearing the spoken words by native speakers, students acquire the meaning of hundreds of foreign words and sentences. Students think directly in the foreign language and learn without difficulty.

Comprehension is the one skill that precedes speaking, reading and writing. It is the essential skill that underlies all successful foreign language learning. The Learnables® instruction teaches you to listen, to understand and most importantly to think in the foreign language.

View samples of The Learnables® here.