To begin your foreign language study there are two different and separate programs in the series. The first or beginning program is The Learnables® level 1. Children of 7 years old can begin their study of a foreign language with The Learnables®. There are 10 lessons in the first program and it is recommended to take the same lesson at least 3-5 times before moving onto a new lesson. Each lesson is approximately 20 minutes long and usually takes about a school semester to complete. The main goal of The Learnables® is to teach comprehension and understanding of the newly acquired langauge.

Upon completion of The Learnables® level 1 the next book in the series is Basic Structures. This is a workbook and primarily teaches reading comprehension and is used second semester. The student writes in the consumable book and the correct answers are provided for the instructor in the back of the book. Although there are two different programs for the first level, it is best to use the programs separately. Basic Structures uses the same vocabulary and concepts as The Learnables®. All ten lessons in Basic Structures correspond to the ten lessons of The Learnables®. The main difference in Basic Structures is that this book specifically teaches the students to read the second language easily and successfully.

For more information, please see various examples of The Learnables® and Basic Structures on the sample pages.
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