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Hebrew Level 1 on CD-ROM
Level 1

Step 1—Listening: Now available on CD-ROM!

The Learnables on Computer CD-ROM

Learnables on Computer - Hebrew

This new interactive and affordable CD-ROM has the same superb sequencing and content as the original book format of The Learnables® Level 1. In addition all pictures are in full color. We have added motivating games, authentic photographs and movies to encourage the student to want to learn more.

To use The Learnables® on Computer, your computer must use the Windows operating system.

The CD-ROM contains over 1,000 illustrations. Basic clothing, eating, family, transportation, and action verbs are presented. When you complete this CD-ROM you will understand basic prepositions, such as in, on, and over, and basic verbs, such as put, drive, eat, and drink.

The introductory price of $60.00 for The Learnables® on Computer is the first course of a comprehensive system of language instruction that continues to higher levels, enabling students to acquire fluency in the foreign language.

The Learnables® on CD-ROM
(Windows) — $60.00

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Step 2—Reading:
Basic Structures, Book 1 and 4 audio CDs

Basic Structures front coverBasic Structures is the reader designed to follow The Learnables®. New stories teach important new vocabulary. Each lesson contains a large number of exercises which can be used in class or as homework assignments. Four audio CDs come with Basic Structures and are used to teach reading.

Book 1 and 4 audio CDs — $70.00 Buy Now

Special Combination Offer for Year-Level 1:

The Learnables® on CD-ROM (Windows) and
Basic Structures Book 1, and 4 audio CDs — $115.00

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